summer Workshop Series


#2 developing the eye  september 8th from 12-4pm

Workshop Objectives/Course Description:

As Pilates instructors we have to be movement detectives. An exceptional instructor has the ability to recognize and see when a client grips, braces, and/or overworks the body. At the “Developing your Eye,” workshop participants will learn how to scan the body and hone their eye to detect tension, lack of coordination, restricted breathing, amongst many other movement patterns and habits. The workshop will explain skeletal alignment and teach participants how to recognize different postural patterns and movement limitations. Ultimately, participants will be able to examine and recognize common patterns, learn how to trace problems to their origin, and find solutions that can be used within a lesson to improve Pilates efficiency and movement overall. 

3 Pma cec's credits provided

first 5 will get $25 off workshop price use code: "summer2"


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