summer Workshop Series


#1 Did You Miss Your Cue? Cueing To Facilitate Better Movement


As Pilates instructors, we strive to facilitate an environment in which our clients learn mind-body connection while moving through their practice. Proper cueing is vital to high caliber mind-body connection. It is a common challenge among instructors, whether new or experienced, to find the appropriate cues to facilitate this learning environment. "Did You Miss Your Cue?" workshop will dissect the art of cueing. Participants will learn a formula, which will include the "why's" of cueing, mindful cueing, clear and effective cueing, guided touch to name a few. The workshop will closely examine the types of cueing, manual, tactile, and verbal, which will be discussed in depth. It will be part lecture, but will mostly focus on hands-on learning. By the end of the workshop, participants will have enhanced their cueing ability, which will help their clients move through their Pilates practice in a more efficient and effortless way.


AUG 11 from 12-4

3 Pma cec's credits provided


first 5 will get $25 off workshop price


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