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Sobe Pilates experience.


We strive to provide the highest caliber of experience for our clients:  Classical Pilates taught one-on-one or in small groups by experienced teachers who personalize the instruction to the needs of each client.


We enhance our pilates instruction with pre or post workout resistance stretching and personalized nutrition advice for clients that want a more holistic approach to wellness. 


For us, everything starts with a complimentary, personal consultation to assess your needs and goals.




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”Beyond amazing!
It’s magic for the body. When i first looked up The studio their reviews made me look no further. And I completely agree with all of them. I’ve been fit my whole life, but after my consultation I realized that my core was unstable and weak. We worked together to assess my needs. They used assisted stretching to increase my range of motion so I could reach the proper form to do the exercises correctly. I have never had a studio do anything like that before. After six months there, my posture has improved so much people comments on it. My problem areas with recurring pain are now pain free and I genuinely love the atmosphere there. Can’t recommend it enough.”
— Lisa C's ***** review

Core strength combined with flexibility is the key to classical Pilates. Your Pilates session can deliver a whole new level of benefits by being integrated with Resistance Stretching.
We are practitioners of Ki-Hara, which utilizes a person’s own resistance for increasing mobility.

A resistance stretching session prior to Pilates:
1. Improves form and performance,
2. Minimizes the risk of injury
3. Create more powerful and explosive core movements

A resistance stretching session after Pilates:
1. Realigns the body to improve posture
2. Speed the bodies’ recovery and
3. Removes chronic joint stress

After dealing with ongoing issues with my sciatica I asked my doctor for any reconditions that didn’t involve taking meds. She suggested Pilates! Thats what lead me to SoBe Pilates. It has changed my life dramatically. I went from dealing with the pains and aches of sciatica on a day to day basis to doing things as simple as getting out of bed or bending down without shooting pains and groans! I started off with privates sessions Jheramie and Lauren and I’ve been hooked! They are really knowledgeable in what they do and have all the patience in the world for newbies! I also have tried out assisted stretching with Jisel and I have to say its better than any message! She will have your entire body feeling like its on clouds. I kid you not!

— Emely V's ***** review

The best teacher training on market

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pilates plus is a comprehensive pilates teacher training that takes you further than amy other program:

first, we teach you the entire classical repertoire, but also teach you how to modify the exercises to meet your students individual needs.

second, we integrate the study of anatomy into each exercise so you know why, not just how, the movement works.

third, we teach you the skills necessary to teach at the highest levels. a teacher needs to be able to guide a student trough cueing and to understand the special communications skills unique to pilates.
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Galit S. Zarco, MS RD LDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and obtained a

Bachelor's of Science in Biology and a Master's in Dietetics and Nutrition. Galit was

born in Cali, Colombia and was raised in Miami. She speaks fluent Spanish. She is the

owner and lead dietitian of Eat Live Nutrition, a holistic nutrition and wellness practice

in Miami Beach.

Galit’s holistic nutrition expertise, passion and experience is a perfect complement to

our studio. Her well-rounded nutrition background will provide you with the proper

guidance to a healthier you. One of her passions is cooking with different healthy

foods and exploring new flavors. She loves to share her flavorful ideas with her clients

to keep them excited about eating clean and healthy. Who said eating healthy had to

be boring and monotonous!? Believe us, she will inspire you.

Helped me change old bad habits and create new healthy ones! Great experience ,love Galit and
happy to have found SoBe Pilates.
— Rachel V's ***** review

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950 Arthur Godfrey Road
Miami Beach, FL, 33140
United States


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