Core strength combined with flexibility is the key to classical Pilates. Your Pilates session can deliver a whole new level of benefits by being integrated with Resistance Stretching.
We are practitioners of Ki-Hara, which utilizes a person’s own resistance for increasing mobility.

A resistance stretching session prior to Pilates:
1. Improves form and performance,
2. Minimizes the risk of injury
3. Create more powerful and explosive core movements

A resistance stretching session after Pilates:
1. Realigns the body to improve posture
2. Speed the bodies’ recovery and
3. Removes chronic joint stress

After dealing with ongoing issues with my sciatica I asked my doctor for any reconditions that didn’t involve taking meds. She suggested Pilates! Thats what lead me to SoBe Pilates. It has changed my life dramatically. I went from dealing with the pains and aches of sciatica on a day to day basis to doing things as simple as getting out of bed or bending down without shooting pains and groans! I started off with privates sessions Jheramie and Lauren and I’ve been hooked! They are really knowledgeable in what they do and have all the patience in the world for newbies! I also have tried out assisted stretching with Jisel and I have to say its better than any message! She will have your entire body feeling like its on clouds. I kid you not!

— Emely V's ***** review