Here is how we can help !

Here is how we can help !

Improve your golf and tennis game

Improve your golf and tennis game

Rotational sports are mostly one sided which leads to muscle imbalances and injuries. 

Program: Increase your range of motion, core strength, flexibility, body awareness and mental focus. 

You will improve your game and continue to participate in the sport you love. 

Chronic Pain (back, neck, shoulder,hip, knee, feet) 

When you live with pain it affects your entire life. Doing nothing and taking pain medication is not a long term solution 

Program: build strength, increase flexibility, decrease foods that increase inflammation 

You will be on a path to enjoy your life pain free without surgery or medication. 

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Post rehabilitation

After your Physical Therapy ends, don’t stop there! What caused your injury?

Prevent it from happening again. 

Program: discover muscle imbalances, stretching, strength, balance, bone density, nutritional health

Prevent further injuries by discovering and addressing what the root causes are and start to feel strong and confident. 

Pre and post natal

Keep your weight down and have a healthy pregnancy without back pain. Keep exercising your entire pregnancy and have an easier delivery and recovery.  

Program:  Postural, pelvic floor, strength, breathing, learn safe abdominal exercises, pre and post natal diet, diastasic recti causes and solutions. 

Stay strong and healthy during pregnancy and after get into shape quickly.