Our SoBe Pilates Members

My name is Honor.  I was given this name at birth and just like naming a boy Sue, it was a herculean task to grow up with, so people called me Heidi.  But legally….the governement, the TSA, all financial institutions, doctors, lawyers, police and especially the IRS…know me as Honor.

I am a Miami native, actually born in Chicago but raised in Miami since I was 6 months old.  I left Florida to follow my career in 1982 only to discover, like Dorothy, that there is no place like home, and I returned in 1994.

I walked into Sobe Pilates in June of 2016, after retiring from a 34 year retail career.  I had been a buyer for many department stores across the country, lastly being Macys here in Miami.  I learned a tremendous amount about people, patterns, locations, fabrics, silhouettes, color and math in my career, but it was time to put my mind on the back burner on simmer and start putting my health on the front burner on High.

I have found Sobe Pilates to be my Six Degrees of Separation on lots of topics.  It has become a networking place for me for things as simple as the best nail technician on the planet, (thank you Gilda) to the best MS neurologist in Miami, (thank you Vivian and Antonio).    It has also been a place for me to reset. No matter where my head is when I walk in, when I walk out I am re booted and ready to face what life has to offer me.

I am a person deeply impacted by the death of some of my favorite rock icons, John Lennon, Prince, George Michael, Freddie Mercury, as well as the events of 911, and the outcome of our 2016 election.  But here is my takeaway…we individually are responsible for our own outlook, perceptions, reactions and actions.  No one person represents us or our views….if that was so, then we are all just followers like Jim Jones’s cult in Guyana in the late 70’s.   We each have the ability to be kind and inclusive regardless of religion or political party.  

I enjoy going to Sobe Pilates and try to visit 6 times a week.  It is a place where I found that nucleus of acceptance and a diverse group of people all with one common goal….just to MOVE.  Some want to just be stronger, some more flexible, some to stay fit, some to get fit….but regardless of age, gender, body type, educational background, career field, religious views, political stance…..it is a place of equality and kindness….consistently.

Susie and Tina have created a great little odd shaped place on 41st street that has been a magnet to many.  It attracted me, it attracted you…..they say opposites attract, however I say, that we all have a common thread…..and that is Pilates.