Can homeopathic treatment help with fears/Anxieties?

The answer is YES. Homeopathy can certainly help with fears and anxieties, here’s a an example of a success heartfeld treatment a 9-year old girl experienced.

This young girl came in with her mom for treatment shortly after the school year started, she had just transferred to a new school, with only a single girl she had known from her previous school. Things were off to a smooth start up  until two weeks into the school year. She started exhibiting severe panic attacks she had never displayed before. She refused to to leave her parents side, attend school, stay alone in her room, or any other room in the house.

She constantly had to remain in someone else’s presence, mainly her mother or father.Her panic attacks came in waves throughout the day and always accompanied with long periods of deep crying. When I asked her how can I help, she asked that I “take away the scary thoughts in her head that refuse to leave her alone”, “I can no longer take this” she said in a frail and tired voice: “I want this to stop and I know it never will”.

After the first session, I matched her with a homeopathic remedy and we started a treatment that included follow up sessions every few weeks , each session peeled more layers, letting go of more and more anxieties and insecurities….

It was heartfelt to see the changes in her in each follow up session, she seemed different every time, more relaxed and less fearful. She was able to let go of her clinginess to her parents and able to enjoy playing with her friends and having less fears and much less troubling thoughts.

Today, six months have passed, the panic attacks and anxieties are all but gone, she attends school without hesitation and enjoys new friendships with her new classmates. Don’t let your kids or yourself live with fears and anxieties, this can be treated and healed successfully using homeopathy.

Keren Levy , CHom

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