Miami Beach Sound-Color and Aromatherapy: What is Healing with Sound, Color and Aromatherapy?

By Jodi Hershey


Certified Sound/Color


Joy Journey of You


Science now proves that 85-90% of all disease is stress related. Using sound and color healing is the ultimate in stress management. 

Sound frequency healing is a process of sending frequency signals into the body and helping the tissues, organs, cells and energy fields come into alignment with the vibrational patterns of health.

 Everything is Energy that carry’s it’s own frequency. Our bodies have their own electrical circuit and energy fields that they vibrate to.  All organs, tissues and energy systems carry there own sounds that together create a harmonic. When one part of the system is out of tune or balance the others start to follow. So when we put the right frequency (sound) in it balances everything else.  

I like to use a holistic approach and utilize sound, color and aromatherapy. 

Sound Healing can be utilized through many different modalities. The voice, tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes and vibroacoustics among a few. I use chimes or vibroacoustics. Vibroacoustics is a process where music and sound are both heard audibly and felt physically. 

This form of sound is more site specific.  It has been shown it enhances your body’s ability to heal many ailments including Arthritis, COPD, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, PTSD and many more.

The chimes balance the Chakras and Energy field. It brings you back into a peaceful state of balance and harmony. The chimes bath you in a cocoon of warm resonance, seemingly to dissolve the solidness of your physical body until you become one with the sound vibrations.  

With color healing as part of the session you lay under our Vogel Crystal Light bed. The Vogel crystal light bed holds 7 Vogel cut crystals that amplify the colors of the seven basic chakra’s. This helps balance the chakras and refreshes the aura’s energy field. The lights are used in both treatments. 

Just as Color and Sound have a certain resonance with our energy field so do different plants. Essential oils, which are extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, wood, seeds, roots and peel are used to promote a person’s health and mood. Aromatherapy reduces tension, anxiety, and stress.  

We have so much stress in our lives these days. It is so important to keep our energy system clear as much as possible so we can stay centered and grounded. Try this session once and it will become a part of your monthly or weekly list of must haves!!! 

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