about sobe pilates

SoBe Pilates in Miami Beach is a fully equipped Pilates Studio with professional and caring instructors. We offer private and duet PIlates sessions that are custom tailored by the best PIlates teachers in Miami. Specializing in back pain, postural work, pre and post natal, rotational sports and post rehab we have an instructor to meet your needs. Pilates reformer classes range from classical style, tower, foam roller, cardio jump board and Pilates chair.  With the help of our studio coordinator, find a class that is perfect for you! Also offering private pilates sessions for Ki-Hara stretch, Active Isolated Stretch and manual therapy to compliment your Pilates sessions. Our moto at SoBe PIlates is to deliver on our clients fitness goals with professionalism, dedication and a commitment to your health. Owners, Susie Karvelis and Tina Bassanese opened SoBe Pilates in 2008. Sharing their knowledge of Pilates is their passion. They both have experienced how Pilates can transform bodies, enhance the mind/body connection and improve quality of life. we also offer our in house pilates plus teacher training .As a teacher training facility, we are cultivating incredible future Pilates teachers to spread the love of PIlates.


what is pilates ?

refreshing mind-body workout that helps you develop a strong core, flat abdominals and a strong back. Gain long lean muscle and flexibility. With Pilates you can create an even condition body, improve sports performance and most important prevent injuries. You will learn how to move efficiently. Pilates is a gentle but also challenging exercise. Try it! 

interested in becoming a pilates teacher ?

if you are looking into a pilates teacher training look no further than at our pilates plus teacher training. after years of observing what the teacher trainings were lacking we decided in developing our own in house pilates teacher training. the most well rounded pilates teacher training that beside teaching you the classical pilates repertoire it teaches you the understanding of what are the exercises beneficial for .we teach you the body anatomy and modifications .we include the business of pilates but most importantly we offer the support after the certification.

want to Stretch - Breathe - Relax ?

our therapist Yeni specializes in Ki-Hara assisted stretching, Thai-Mashiatsu (Mashing) and Thai Yoga bodywork. The sessions are 60 or 90 minutes long and can be done before or after a workout session. They are performed fully-clothed on a padded mat on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Thai-Mashiatsu “Mashing” is a form of body work that is a blend of Thai movements which prepare muscles by compressing them with the feet. Most assisted Ki-Hara stretch sessions involve mashing to warm up or help flush the body at the end of the session. This type of body work affects myofascial tissue as well as blood flow and also allows muscles to stretch more effectively. These techniques are similar to those practiced in Eastern cultures for many centuries. It is deep and sometimes intense work that helps create a lasting change in the body. 

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is a revolutionary technique which uses a person’s own resistance for increasing mobility. Ki-Hara uses scientifically-backed methods to reduce injury, balance muscle groups and increase flexibility. During Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, the muscles are being contracted and lengthened at the same time, so the muscles are only taken as far as they can resist to keep stretching safe and effective. The Thai Yoga bodywork is a series of flowing assisted stretches, deep pressure along the body’s meridians, and energy balancing. Sessions may also incorporate essential oils, crystals and magnetic hammering.  Each session is tailored to the individual. 

Your mind will still, your heart will calm. Relax, get stretched and receive Yeni’s gift of her unique blend of bodywork. You’re going to love it!

celebrate events with a private pilates class

thinking of fun and healthy activities to do while visiting miami beach or celebrating with your friends bridesmaids or family ? we can arrange a private pilates class for you to enjoy with your favorite people .

Studio Rental

Rent space at SoBe Pilates!

SoBe Pilates offers a modern, fully equipped Pilates studio with 8 reformers, 1cadillac, 8 chairs and a Power Pilate and all the Pilates toys you 

will need to offer your clients a great workout.

Space is available 7 days a week by the hour.  

Please email Susie@sobepilates.net for more information.